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prepping for thanksgiving

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Pitbull-tattoo. Artist: Angry Fox (Татьяна Кирпичева)

Ekaterinburg, Russia

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So that title is irrelevant.


I really want to talk about how I need a new laptop. This laptop has been my loyal friend for years, really. It’s at least made it since my senior year of high school, so that means it’s nearing on 6 years old. With that said, I am seriously considering the Surface Pro 3.

I mentioned a few weeks back wanting a new laptop to the husband because my battery—even after replacing it—is horrible, the fan is loud and it can run pretty hot sometimes. The actual functionality of the laptop is wonderful, though. Don’t get me wrong, this guy has held on through the worst of the worst (most recently the virus I said I managed to get—seriously, I ran a malware test that night and I had about 202 infected files, like what?!), and I still manage to design/write/surf with the best of them. But it’s difficult battling a battery that makes this laptop essentially be a glorified, loud, desktop PC, and it’s a heavy Gateway, so it’s hard to carry around when I do want/need to go somewhere with it. That’s why I’ve been looking at Macbooks.

I prefer Windows, but I cannot say I’m not a fan of Apple. I love my iPhone and iPod. My husband has an iPad that I use, too, and I love it. There is nothing functionally wrong with Apple, but the way the company builds its products has always been a drawback for me. That, and because Macs are built more for design and entertainment than it is for everyday use—despite what trendy folks at the coffee shop will try to tell you—makes it hard to want to drop almost $2k on a great Macbook when I know that how often I actually design is limited. But the Surface Pro 3 seems to do just as much as the Macbook Air, and despite that most brands like Gateway boast a 4-cell battery, the Surface Pro 3 has a higher resolution than some models of Macbook Air. Surface Pro 3 also has a 9-hour battery life (as opposed to the like 30-min I have now with this poor thing), and it works as a tablet!

Because of its lightweight use and high battery life, I could take it on my adventures around town and through trails and when I’m struck with inspiration to write, etc. I kinda sound like I’ve already made my decision, but I would like to hear about your adventures with laptops and tell me what you think about my decision. The only thing that will suck about not using my li’l buddy is making sure I move everything over properly. Thankfully I use my flash drive and external hard drive for most everything, but of course, like anything else, that doesn’t guarantee that the programs that I have on here will transfer over smoothly.


Okay, okay. I’m done talking, I’ve just been thinking about it a lot. Plus, I work on the Microsoft campus, so when they released the Surface Pro 3, there was a huge line in our Commons to view it first, and that line was seriously too long to stand in. So I’ve had to secretly sneak peeks at it when I can…

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Looking at getting a new laptop, and seriously considering the Surface Pro 3. 

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Went on an adventure today.

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RE: I didn’t know I had depression.

Everyone should watch this video at least once.

Everyone go watch Ashley’s amazing response to a video I made awhile back about depression and mental health stigma.

The original video is good, but I also recommend people watch the TED talk she links to about vulnerability.

Was also enlightening to me.